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Theft from motor vehicle

Noordelike Avenue – Tuesday, around 3:00 – ARREST
A resident saw two men running down Noordelike Avenue with bags. A member responded to the alert, and spotted the men in Barnham Avenue. When the men saw him, one dropped his bag and fled. The other hid but was caught. The contents of the bags included a spare wheel, jack and tools. It is not yet known where the theft occurred.
Reported to SAPS

Other theft (property) 1

Davenport Road – Monday at 16:30
A garage was left open. Someone came onto property and stole items out of a car, including two bags of shopping, a green&black surfer zip wallet, sunglasses, blue&grey Billabong jersey, 10-man Blue tent and Ryobi Jigsaw tool.
Reported to SAPS

Other theft (property)

Noordelike Avenue – Monday, at 15:13
A jacket had blown off a balcony onto the property’s driveway. A person in a blue VW Gold hatchback driving past, saw the jacket, stopped and took the jacket.
Not reported to SAPS

Theft out of motor vehicle 2

Upper Mill Street – Saturday at 22:00
Residents heard noise in street and investigated. They saw a man hiding between vehicles parked in the street, and realised he had broken a car window so followed him. The suspect dropped a metal pipe, then turned back, picked it up and sprinted towards Chelsea Avenue. A few small items such as sanitiser, a mask, some slips and a pair of sunglasses were stolen.
Unknown if reported to SAPS

Theft out of motor vehicle 3 – ARREST

Plantation Road – Saturday, at 00:22
Car broken into. Video footage of suspect led to culprit being identified by a neighbour. Stolen items retrieved (Phone documents & hair dryer) in damaged condition.
Reported to SAPS

Theft out of motor vehicle 1

Delphinium Street – Saturday, between 00:00 and 06:00
Two vehicles parked on a property behind a gate and a wall were left unlocked. An intruder climbed over the wall and went through both cars, stealing a laptop, sunglasses, battery packs and other small items. The doors of both cars were left open after the theft.
Reported to SAPS

Theft out of motor vehicle

Escombe Road – Tuesday between 00:00 and 06:00
Resident found her car had been broken into overnight. Definitely was locked but both passenger doors ajar. Items taken from boot & cubbyhole (dog blankets, breathalyser, R100 in change, petrol card, phone charger adaptor & cable, dog seat cover, metal visor clip.
Not reported to SAPS.


Intersection Upper Buitenkant Street/Vredehoek Avenue – Monday, 15:30
A man hit a woman with a wooden pole, and was apprehended by armed response patroller and handed over to SAPS. It was thought that he was arrested, but was later thought to have been seen in the area.
Reported to SAPS

House break-in

Exner Avenue – Monday, approximately 08:40
A property under construction was burgled. A two-plate stove and electrical equipment were stolen.
Reported to SAPS

Theft out of motor vehicle

Belladonna Avenue – Saturday, 03:08
A man stole several items, including a child’s jacket, a green foldable pram and a first aid kit out of a resident’s vehicle. Video footage of the incident indicates that he rummaged around in the car for a few minutes.
Reported to SAPS.

House robbery

Pinoak Road – Saturday, 21:50
Four men armed with handgun and bolt cutter broke into house through kitchen. Stole laptops, tablets, wallets, watch, cell phone, headphones, handbag, and vehicle and house keys. They also took jewellery from resident. SAPS, armed response and watch members assisted
Reported to SAPS

Theft of motor vehicle 2

St James Street – Friday, between 17:00 and 20:00
A white Honda motorcycle was stolen.
Unknown if reported to SAPS

Theft of motor vehicle

Chelmsford Road – Friday, between 00:00 and 06:00
White VW Fox was stolen.
Unknown if reported to SAPS

Malicious damage to property

Chelsea Avenue – Friday, between 00:00 and 06:00
Rear passenger window of vehicle broken. Nothing stolen.
Reported to SAPS


Van Ryneveld Road – Wednesday at 04:26
A trespasser was caught on camera and chased away by resident. He apparently traversed three properties.
Unknown if reported to SAPS

Other theft (property)

Aandbloem Road – Wednesday, 04:04
Garage break-in. No details of items stolen.
Unknown if reported to SAPS

House robbery – ARREST

Ludlow Road – Wednesday, at approximately 11:00
A man broke into a property and threatened the resident. A family member chased the man from the property. Fairview security alerted DPV. Members and armed response company patrolmen subsequently apprehended the suspect and detained him for SAPS.
Reported to SAPS

Other theft (property)

Derry Street – Sunday, approximately 15:10
Black iPhone 11 stolen from patron in restaurant. Security camera captured possible male suspect who left the premises on foot, heading up the road.
Unknown if reported to SAPS

Theft out of motor vehicle

Vredehoek Avenue – Sunday, between 14:00 on Saturday and 08:00 Sunday
Two vehicles in parking area of block of flats broken into. Access was gained by forcing electric gate or from neighbouring property. Nothing of value stolen.
Unknown if reported to SAPS

Theft out of Motor Vehicle

Wexford Road – Saturday, at 08:43
A vehicle was broken into and a wallet was stolen.
Unknown if reported to SAPS

Theft out of Motor Vehicle – ARREST

Bedford Road – Saturday, at 03:00
A Ford Fiesta was broken into. DPV patroller and SAPS responded. Suspect was apprehended by SAPS.
Reported to SAPS

Other theft (property)

Van Ryneveld Road – Wednesday, between 00:00 and 06:00
Outside light on property was ripped off wall.
Unknown if reported to SAPS

Attempted theft out of motor vehicle (1)

Plantation Road – Monday, around 04:50
A skinny male, approximately 1.8 metre tall, shaved head, used a small spotlight to search a white Toyoto Yaris before breaking left back window to get into boot. Nothing was stolen.
Not reported to SAPS

Attempted theft out of motor vehicle (2)

Upper Mill Street – Monday, between 00:00 and 06:00
A vehicle was broken into, and an attempt was made to steal the radio.
Unknown if reported to SAPS

Street robbery - without a weapon

Corner Bellair and Davenport Streets – Sunday, at 05:10
Two men were seen running from scene of mugging
Unknown if reported to SAPS