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2010 December

Attempted Theft from Property

Rugley : between 19h00 & 19h30 - Suspect/s were seen attempting to break into a flat and were disturbed. Neighbour called DPVwatch member as one suspect fled up Rugley towards Griznez Rd. After a chase, a suspect hid in gardens of houses between Yeoville and Bradwell Roads. SAPS, DPVwatch, residents and armed response companies searched for him. SAPS found the suspect hiding under bushes in the front garden of a Bradwell Rd resident - just behind a low front wall. He was arrested. There was allegedly an accomplice who was not caught. The apprehended suspect was a black male, wearing a yellow t-shirt and brown trousers.


Buitenkant : between 11h30 & 12h00 - DPVwatch member on way to gym spotted two suspects (black males, early twenty, wearing brown and dark clothing, necklaces) look into a car near 7-eleven. Suspects walked towards Morey Place Rd (Oranjezicht). Member drove around Prince Street to watch them. By the time they were sighted on Morey Place both were carrying a large sport bag & a 4x4 had a smashed window. Immed called in over DPV radio. Hooted when suspects neared stairs toward de Waal Park and appeared to be escaping with bag. Suspects dropped bag and fled to De Waal Park. Other DPV members spotted suspects on Upper Orange Rd. After a chase one suspect was apprehended by SAPS on Hof Street. More DPV members and CID joined search for 2nd suspect who was then caught on Upper Orange. Suspects switched/changed clothing often to evade capture. One first wore a yellow peak cap, then a blue round cap, then nothing when caught but carried blue cap in hand. Appears suspects swopped shorts/ trousers in De Waal park. Then one suspect had covered his 3/4 shorts with black pants when finally caught. The first suspect caught confessed shortly after. He had in fact been arrested a week before on car breaking charges in same area. The other suspect is well known for begging at the traffic lights outside the Engen Orange Street.

Theft from Property

Ludlow : between 06h00 & 18h00 - House was broken into. Suspects forced open the front security gate. Neighbours saw a Black Toyota or Izuzu Bakkie with yellow license plates (CY35078) leaving the scene. The incident has been reported to SAPS - the number plates are false.

Mugging / Robbery

Deer Park Drive : 19h30 - Female age 25-35 was walking alone on the gravel road leaving Deer Park and was approached by a young well-built, dark-skinned male wearing 3/4 khaki pants and a black shirt. He demanded she give him her small, suede shoulder bag (which contained only cigarettes) but she resisted and he sprayed her with pepper spray. He then wrenched the bag from her, breaking the strap, and ran off into the bushes. The victim was not injured. She often walks in the park and felt it was safe as there were people about and she was leaving the park when approached. SAPS were on a routine patrol up Deer Park drive when they saw her; she gave a description and SAPS proceeded to search the parking area with the help of DPV watch members. The bag was found behind the toilet block in the park. SAPS later took a suspect to the station - the victim was brought to the station but indicated it was not the correct suspect. The victim was encouraged to report the incicent to SAPS and join DPV Watch.

Theft from Property 2

Bradwell : between 22h00 & 23h00 - Capt Jansen reported house break-in on Bradwell Street. No further information.

Theft from Property

Chelmsford : between 17h00 & 18h15 - Capt Jansen reported theft from property in Disa Park. It was thought that a duplicate key was used to gain access. Cash including Euros stolen. Capt Jansen has been in contact with Lickiby about this.

Attempted Theft from Property

Lambert : between 18h00 & midnight - Suspect attempted to smash window to the property but glass was reinforced so would not break. When resident switched on the light he ran away. Incident has been reported to SAPS.

Theft out of Motor Vehicle

Delphinium : 01h30 - Visitor from GP car alarm went off. Observed young shaven head coloured male running away. Small back side widow smashed and Garmin taken from under seat. Screwdriver found lying on pavement next to car. Incident has been reported to SAPS.

Theft from Property

Plantation : between 02h30 & 03h30 - Window was left open and a laptop was stolen. Reported to SAPS.

Attempted Theft from Property 2

Freesia : between 01h00 & 02h00 - Resident arrived home in the early hours of the morning and noticed someone busy at his front door. When he shouted and approached the intruder, the intruder fled the scene. On entering his property through the front gate, he found the intruder had just finished cutting through his ‘trelly gate’ and was about to break through the front door when disturbed by his arrival home. Incident has been reported to SAPS.

Attempted Theft from Property

Deer Park Drive : between 03h00 & 03h30 - A ground floor window was forced open and a long piece of wire was used to draw a laptop close to the window so that it could be taken out through the bars. The occupant of the room woke up and held onto the laptop. She was hit in the face a number of times, bitten on 2 fingers and stabbed with the metal rod. Her companion pressed the panic button and the assailants ran off empty-handed. The suspects are described as 2 black men, one thickset and wearing a black t-shirt, the other was thinner, wearing a yellow t-shirt and pale coloured shorts. The incident was reported to SAPS, case number 252/12/2010.

Theft from Property

St James : between 14h00 & 14h30 - Laptop taken from business. Unknown and unseen suspect entered flat and removed an Apple Mac Pro laptop from a desk. Caretaker was questioned regarding visitors but he was out at that time. Incident has been reported to SAPS.