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WhatsApp Rules & regulations

These groups are an extension of DPVwatch’s communication channels and as such, are also governed by our neighbourhood watch constitution and the mandate under which we work in conjunction with the relevant law enforcement departments and are therefore only open to DPVwatch members.

Please read through the list below so that you have an idea what can and cannot be said, shared and broadcast on these groups. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in your removal from these groups depending on the infringement. This decision will be taken by the DPVwatch Admin or Executive Committee and will be final.

  • Content shared on these groups is for DPVwatch members ONLY. Content from these groups may NOT be shared with any third party who is not a DPVwatch member unless otherwise specified.
  • These groups are NOT chat groups. They are in place to report suspicious behaviour / concerns/ crime related information and information relevant to our area
  • NO jokes, religious comment, hate speech, racism, politics, vulgar language or off topic posts are allowed on these groups.
  • Absolutely no advertising will be permitted on these groups. This includes, but is not limited to: products, services, security, other Neighbourhood Watches and NPOs unless otherwise approved by admins

These WhatsApp groups DO NOT replace SAPS or your armed response company as it is not an emergency channel. We would like to advise that SAPS or your armed response company be your FIRST point of call should a serious incident occur. These WhatsApp groups do not replace our radio network which is a far more effective and successful form of communication.

Who is DPVwatch and how did it start?

DPVwatch is each and every resident who signs up. There is no them….but rather us! We are all volunteers who wish to make a difference in our neighbourhood and bring something positive to the community. Everyone can be involved and everyone can report what their ‘gut’ tells them doesn’t feel right.

DPVwatch was started when three women residents from the area said “enough is enough!” They were tired of hearing people complaining about crime, hearing their neighbours being violently effected by crime!. They took the approach that we can shout and demand from the authorities or try to cheque book our way out of the problem by hiring security etc, but these will never be as effective as looking out for each other. Afterall, nobody is as committed to this community as its residents are. 

So around a kitchen table one June afternoon in 2008 these 3 women set to work…and they worked hard! Drawing up constitutions, codes of conduct, registering with the Department of Community Safety, Registering with the Community Police Forum, meeting with SAPS and other neighbourhood watches. And then ultimately planning the first open DPVwatch meeting on the 2nd September. The three went on a door-to-door campaign handing out flyers and talking to people about the meeting. It was memorable cape winter storm that night and to top it off it was a a cliff-hanger episode of Survivor. But the three courageous women were blown away when 120 residents arrived to hear about the fledgling neighborhood watch. 

And so a new era in the history of Devils Peak and Vredehoek was born. And from those early days of three people around a table we have grown to a membership of over a thousand residents. The success has been tangible and impressive. Are you part of the story of success?