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See Something, Do something…

The main objective of the DPVwatch is to eradicate crime in our area and prevent the problem from increasing. We want to be able to take back our sense of security and our streets. It enables a platform to ensure effective and quick responses to criminal activity and ensures that all members of the community are empowered with information via well developed communication channels.

This neighbourhood watch (NW) has been set up in consultation with the South African Police Services (SAPS) and the Cape Town Community Police Forum (CPF). We are hoping to get more interested parties on board to work in partnership against crime. To ensure effective management and excellent results we have divided the area into 7 smaller zones. Each zone has its own zone leader and we work together to enhance the NW. The zone map is available under the MAP tab, so you will be able to see which one you fall into. If you are unsure please e-mail us at contact@dpvwatch.co.za.

How does it work?

*Community neighbourhood patrols/walks
*Effective use of the radio network - this is the glue that binds us together!
*A system of logging suspicious activity (cars and people)
*Being aware of what is going on around you. If you see something suspicious, call it in.
*Collecting information on criminal activity that enables analysis. As a result we can ensure targeted action by the NW and police
DPVwatch needs all types of members of the community to be involved – there are no criteria as we can all do our bit. So if you
are a home owner, tenant, dog walker, retiree, worker, mother or work from home; we welcome your involvement. Keep in mind that
even going for a jog or a stroll to the shop is a “patrol”, as long as you are aware of your surroundings.

We are here to be the EYES and EARS of the police! We are not taking over the work that they should be doing but we can do an immense amount to ensure that they can use their resources to police the community to maximum efficiency. Please go to the membership page and join your community so we can watch out for each other. You can make a huge difference.