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Homelessness … there but by the grace of god go I …

Homelessness is an uncomfortable subject and one unfortunately linked to opportunistic criminal activities.

The solution to homelessness and the ‘anti-social’ behaviour associated with homelessness is complex. Simply removing people from one location to another is not the solution. So what can we do?

City of Cape Town Displaced Peoples Unit (DPU): hotline number 0800 87 2201

You can call this number at any point and they will log the complaint and give you a reference number. They then send a field worker out to address the problem. If there is no resolution then the problem is escalated to the DPU team to come and do a clean up. Sadly this team works on a reactive complaint basis and does not have the staffing numbers to be proactively dealing with the problem. As a result the more complaints they receive about a specific spot then the more action they are able to take and they will add it to their top hot-spot watch list.

Give Responsibly!

Rather donate to recognised organisations than giving hand-outs to people going door to door.

[Insert linke to DPVOutreach]

Click this link to see a list of Shelters in Cape Town