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2011 September

Attempted theft from property

Derry street - Wednesday around 2am.
Restaurant was broken into. Access was gained via a small open window and the alarm was activated. Does not look like anything was stolen but a number of bottles of wine was packed as if about to be taken.

Attempted Theft out of vehicle 2

St James between 00:00 and 03:00
Car window was smashed and items stolen. Man was seen hiding behind a car waiting for the coast to clear. He was wearing a black hoodie and had on baggie pants. He had a bag with him.

Attempted Theft out of vehicle

Escombe Rd - around 3 am.
Car window was smashed.

Theft of motor vehicle

Wexford Road - around 1am.
Women returned home and parked her car. She went out again a bit later and the car was gone. It was a red Toyota Tazz. Reported to SAPS

Theft from property 2

Plantation Road - Tueday during the day.
Flat broken into - details not available.
Reported to SAPS

Theft out of motor vehicle

Upper Maynard
Car broken into - details unknow. Reported to SAPS

Theft out of vehicle

Chelmsford - Tuesday between 02:30 and 03:30
Five cars in a row had their windows smashed - in two incidents it is confirmed that items were stolen but not for the other 3.

Theft out of vehicle

Delphinium - today morning.
Resident returned home and parked his car on his property behind his gate. When he went to the car in the morning the back left window had been broken. A set of chefs knives and clothing was stolen. Reported to SAPS.

Attempted Theft out of Motor Vehicle - ARREST

Chelsea - around 04:00.
A resident awoke to hear her car alarm going off. The doors are left unlocked at night and a man had opened the front door activating the alarm. The resident immediatley reported this on the radio. Three NW members on patrol responded immediately as well as SAPS who were there in less than a minutes. The suspect was arrested and was in possession of stolen property - hiking boots and items of clothing.

Excellent work and shows the power of neighbours and the radio!

Theft out of vehicle

Deer Park parking area - Saturday around 17:30.
A car was broken into and the GPS was stolen. The suspect was a black male wearing knee length white shorts, beige or white t-shirt and a blue hat.
Reported to SAPS

Attempted theft from vehicle - ARREST

Chelmsford avenue - Saturday at 01:45am
DPVwatch is doing an early morning patrol operation and whilst on patrol they noticed evidence that somebody was trying to steal petrol from a vehicle. This same car had the petrol stolen from it on Thursday morning. The suspects had cut the filler pipe and must have been disturbed by the approaching patrol lights. On closer inspection the patrollers realized that the suspects were actually in a vehicle parked on the side of the road. SAPS were called on the neighborhood watch radio and they responded an arrested the suspects. THe suspects were in possession of the knife, syphon pipe, and 4 empty jerry cans.
Excellent work!!

Theft from property 2

Seymour Street - day time
A flat was broken into and a laptop stolen. Reported to SAPS

Theft from property

Exner Avenue - during the morning.
The aluminum window at the back of the flat was pried open and access gained. This was into the only room in the house with no alarm. Some tools were stolen. Reported to SAPS

Theft out of motor vehicle

Aandbloem - Thursday 22nd during the day
The license plates were stolen off a Toyota Yaris - CK 39 555.
Reported to SAPS

Theft from Property

Van Ryneveld - around 15:50.
Suspect jumped over the wall and broken into the tool shed. He then used the tools to pry the glass out of the window. Access was gained into the house but the alarm must have disturbed him. It also looks like he tried to steal the copper piping outside.


Pinetree Crescent - about 16:00.
A women went into her house and found an intruder inside. She screamed and he ran away. Tall slender black male. He had short hair or no hair but did have a beard. He was wearing a black top with grey pants and had a black bag/case with him

Theft from property - ARREST

Aloe - Monday daytime.
A man was trying to steal items through the window of the house. An alert resident heard her dogs barking and went out of her house to investigate. She saw the man in action taking the items out of the house. She immediately reported this on her DPVwatch radio. In less than a minute she had other NW members on the scene as well as SAPS who arrested the man!

Malicious Damage to Property 2

Peppertree - Monday between 00:00 & 06:00.
Car window was smashed - it is believed that nothing as stolen.

Malicious Damage to Property

Belladonna Monday between 05:00 & 06:00
Four cars had their windows smashed during this time - it is believed only one had items stolen from it.

Theft out of motor vehicle

Agapanthus - Sunday during the day.
Reported to SAPS

Attempted Theft out of motor vehicle

Peppertree - Sunday between 00:00 & 06:00
Reported to SAPS


Freesia/Exner - Sunday 2am.
DPVwatch member noticed a man looking into cars along Freesia and followed him onto Exner. Police caught up with them and the man was found in possession of a spark plug - this is used to break car windows. He was arrested.
Excellent work!

Intruder- ARREST

Wexford - Saturday 4am
Coloured male slipped in with vehicle through sliding gate. CBAR who was patrolling saw this and responded. On stopping the vehicle,the owner fell asleep with windows open and cell phone etc on seat. On seeing CBAR approach the person quickly lay down on the ground and pretended to sleep.
Saps arrested
Coloured male about 38 short greying hair. Blue track suite top with white stripes down the sleeves. Say his name is John and comes from Atlantis.

Attempted Breakin

Noordelike - Friday at 5am.
Window was smashed in an attempted house break in. The suspect was hurt in the smashing of the window and fled the scene. Because of his injuries he left a blood trail which SAPS followed to De Waal Drive. They then made enquiries at local hospitals and the man was arrested at Groote Schuur Hospital. This man was also involved in the attempted house break in/intruder earlier in the morning on Belladonna.

Theft out of motor vehicle

Pypies Square - Saturday between 00:00 & 06:00.
Car broken into and tools stolen. Reported to SAPS


Crassula - Saturday 3am
A women was walking home alone when she was approached by a black male who stole her bag containing her wallet and GPS. Reported to SAPS

Theft out of motor vehicle 2

Vredehoek Avenue - Sunday betwen 18:00 & 00:00.
Reported to SAPS


Belladona - Friday 3am.
Intruder gained access to the home through a window.escaped through same window after dog barked and occupants confronted him. Intruder black male +_ 25 years old, approximately 1.7m tall slight build shaven head dark top red wool tracksuit pants. Left knife, hat and shoes after confrontation.

Malicious Damage x 5

Vredehoek Avenue - Friday between 00:00 & 06:00.
5 cars had their windows stolen - this is the third Friday morning in a row to have this happen! This is a worrying pattern as Friday and Monday mornings between this time seem to be a real problem time!

Theft out of motor vehicle

Upper Maynard - Friday at 18:00.
Car window was smashed and a school bag containing books was stolen. Books were later recovered on Upper Mill Street next to the bridge. Many thanks to the NW members who assisted. Reported to SAPS


Bradwell - Friday 01:00.
Man was walking to Camp Street and was approached by 3 coloured men. They asked him for a cigarette. They they pulled out a knife and demanded his cellphone which he gave them. Reported to SAPS

Theft from property

Kreupelhout - Tuesday between 00:00 & 06:00
The property is currently a building site. The builder had their tools stored in the garage and this was forced open and the tools stolen. It has been reported to SAPS.

Attempted theft from vehicle - ARREST

Pypies Square/Aandbloem - Tuesday 03:00.
A man was seen trying to take the mag wheels off a Ford Fiesta. He had been wandering around the area for a bit - into Pypies Square and up and down Aandbloem. An alert resident called the police who apprehended him as he was trying to get away. Suspect was in a VW Polo and was a colored man and women. They had in their possession 3 car batteries.

Theft of motor vehicle

Highland Avenue - around midnight.
Resident returned home on his scooter. He left it idling outside and went into the property for a moment. When he returned the scooter was gone. It has been reported to SAPS

Theft from motor vehicle 2

Chelsea - Tuesday between 00:00 & 06:00.
The cars battery was stolen. A man was arrested in posession of the battery.
Reported to SAPS

Theft from vehicle

Van Ryneveld - Tuesday between 00:00 & 06:00.
Car batter was stolen. A man was arrested in possession of the battery. Reported to SAPS

Theft out of vehicle - ARREST

Upper Mill Street - Monday between 00:00 & 06:00. Car had its window smashed. There were lots of possessions in the car - a bag containining clothing was stolen. SAPS arrested a man near the scene and he had glass pieces in his jacket pocket.

Attempted theft from vehicle

Aandbloem - Monday 20:30.
A neighborhood watch member saw an attempted theft of petrol from a Toyota Corolla. The suspects had cut the petrol fuel tank hose and had a syphon there to remove the petrol. THey realized that they were being watched and left in a Dark Towtruck with no signage on the side. Suspects left behind a weatherman, syphon hose and tank.
Neighbourhood watch members combed the area looking for the vehicle. A dark maroon tow truck was spotted with a white male and female occupant. SAPS checked the vehicle. An empty weatherman holder was discovered. The tow truck driver had an outstanding warrant for assault in 2009 so he was arrested.

Attempted Theft out of vehicle

Highlands Avenue - Monday between 00:00 & 06:00.
The small back window was smashed on the vehicle. The back seat was pulled down to gain access to the boot. Nothing was stolen as there was nothing in the vehicle.

Theft from Property

Davenport - Sunday between 18:00 & 00:00. Front door was forced open. It is not known what was stolen. Reported to SAPS


Sunday morning 05:30. After two long nights of patrols we got the guys we were looking for! A NIssan Sentra with 4 occupants was seen cruising the area early this morning. They did loops around Escombe, Pineoak, Oaktree Village and when realized they were being followed they fled down Derry Street. Members on patrol chased then and they were boxed in on the bridge onto De Waal Drive. One suspect made a run for it and was caught in the bushes near by.
In their possession was allen keys (to jam a cars ignition), wheel jack, 4 wheel spanners, bricks and cement blocks and gloves.
They are now all at Cape Town Central Police Station. We will get more feedback tomorrow once the detectives have done a full investigation.

A massive thank you to the volunteers who were out this weekend - for giving of their time but most importantly of their valuable sleep! We had fantastic coverage with at times 6 vehicles patrolling the area. Some people did shifts of 6 hours!!!! Your dedication was phenomenal.
Perhaps we need to do this more often!

Thanks to Constable Wehr, Constable Sulliman and partners - you guys were AWESOME!

Next time we hope more people will join us!

Theft from Property

Clovelly - Saturday during the day. The back window of the house was broken and R5 000 was stolen. Reported to SAPS

Theft out of vehicle

St James - Friday between 19:00 & 20:30. Car was broken into - reported to SAPS

Theft out of motor vehicle 2

Davenport - Friday between 00:00 & 06:00
Car broken into - reported to SAPS

Malicious Damage 5

Chelmsford Road - Friday between 00:00 & 06:00. Cars window was smashed but nothing was stolen

Malicious Damage 4

St James Street - Friday between 00:00 & 06:00.The second incident on this road. The cars window was smashed but nothing was stolen.

Theft out of motor vehicle

St James Street - Friday between 00:00 & 06:00. The car window was smashed. A pair of sunglasses and a GPS was stolen.

Malicious Damage 3

Aloe Street - Friday between 00:00 & 06:00.The second incident on this road. The cars window was smashed but nothing was stolen.

Malicious Damage 2

Aloe Street - Friday between 00:00 & 06:00. A Polo had its small side window smashed. It appears that the perpetrator did not even try to access the inisde of the vehicle so nothing was stolen.

Malicious Damage

Derry Street - Friday between 00:00 & 06:00. A Polo had its passenger window and small side window smashed. Nothing was stolen. It has been reported to SAPS.

Theft out of motor vehicle

Lambert Road - Thursday 8th between 18:00 & 00:00
Car broken into -reported to SAPS

Theft out of vehicle 2

Saddle - between 00:00 & 06:00. The side window of a Kia was smashed.

Theft out of vehicle

Saddle Rod - Wednesday between 00:00 & 06:00. The rear window of a Peugeot was smashed. It is not known what was stolen

Attempted Mugging

High Cape - Wednesday 6am. A man attempted to rob one of the High Cape security guards. A scuffle broke out and the suspect tried to spray the victim with mace. The victim managed to take the mace away from the suspect. The suspect drew a knife but was frightened off when a resident shouted at him.

Theft out of motor vehicle

Clive St - Tuesday during the day.

Attempted Theft out of vehicle

Oaktree Village - Sunday 4th Sept. A metal object was stuck into the door lock. Nothing was stolen. It has been reported to SAPS.

Theft out of motor vehicle

Virginia Road - Sunday between 00:00 & 06:00. No details available

Theft out of motor vehicle 2

Florida Road Sunday 4th between 18:00 & 00:00. Car broken into - reported to SAPS.

Theft from motor vehicle

Pineoak - Saturday in the early hours of the morning. All the wheels stolen off a Toyota Rav 4. Reported to SAPS


Crassula - Saturday 3rd at 04:30. A couple were walking home from a party in town. They were approached by 2 men who stolen items from them including a cellphone. Reported to SAPS

Theft out of motor vehicle

Deer Park Drive - Friday daytime. Car was broken into and a handbag was stolen. The bag was later recovered in the area next to the sports field. The bag and contents was returned to the victim thanks to an alert resident.

Theft from Motor vehicle

Acorn Close - Thursday between 00:00 & 06:00. A Toyota Tazz had 2 wheel stolen off it during the night. Reported to SAPS