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House Break-in 1

Highland Close - Wednesday, at 03:15
At about 03:15 this morning we awoke to hear our 2 dogs barking frantically from the garage where they are locked in at night. My husband ran to investigate, as he reached the top of the stairs the alarm went off. He ran down the stairs and we heard a loud bang followed by people running. The intruders had managed to avoid the outside sensor and after removing the aluminium window edging attempted to gain entry to the house, however they were disturbed by the dogs barking and they dropped the glass from the window. One of the intruders grabbed the nearby TV and in doing so set off the inside sensor near the door. They escaped over our back fence which borders the mountain. They gained entry into our property by climbing over the bordering fence along the driveway at another property number as we have locked gates at the bottom of our drive way, but the other house has no front fencing or gates and is open to the road.
Reported to SAPS.

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