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Intruder inside home - ARREST

Mellish: between 14h30 & 15h00 - Woman at home with 5-month-old baby heard creaking noises. Couldn’t see anyone, but locked herself in bedroom with baby and phoned husband (neighbours were not home). Then unlocked door, went to listen/look across hallway and saw jacket lying on bed and holes in ceiling above bed. Returned to bedroom and locked door again. When husband got home, neighbours called police while he searched for suspect/stopped passers by. Police arrived very promptly and found suspect hiding in ceiling. They checked but only one man found. He claimed to have been let in by the ‘maintenance man’. Block does not have such a person in its employ. Not known how access was gained to ceiling as no forced entry. Security gate was locked and no accessible windows were open. The suspect is a coloured man, early twenties (see photo attached). A full statement was given to the police who took the suspect down to the station to be charged.

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