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Self DefenCe Course

On 25 November about 30 DPVwatch members elected to attend a two-hour self defence training session kindly offered to us at no charge by an organization called CSO (Community Security Organization). The course was held at Herzlia School in Chelmsford Road, in the same room that we had our very successful DPV Watch launch on 2 September 2008. So, almost three months later there were 30 people all fired up and ready to learn about self defence.

We were split into two groups of 15 people each; our group went into a room where two instructors took us through the steps of information gathering that we should be doing as active members of the community. We were made aware of what criminals look for when planning a crime, which helped us assess our own security at home as well as while just going about our daily routine. One point that was strongly made was that we should trust our instincts and report suspicious behaviour and not wait hours or days before doing so.

When on patrol, we should carry a whistle, camera, torch, cell phone, pen and paper.
When we see someone suspicious or an incident to report:
*write it down immediately so details not scrambled or forgotten.
*describe things that can’t change/then move on to things that can be changed, for example:

  1. Male or female
  2. Colour of person
  3. Age of person.
  4. Height don’t use mm or inches – compare the person to your height or something which other people will know.
    5 Build
  5. Hair
  6. Look for shoes and watches generally people don’t think to change them, even if they change other clothing

We could hear quite a lot of loud thudding in the room where the second group was doing self defence.

After an hour we swapped with them and were taken through the steps of defending ourselves against the more common forms of unarmed attack. These included two types of strangulation each having its own particular response. It was well put together and we all got involved practising on a partner; the instructors were superbly trained and provided protective gear so we could go all out at practising the defence moves.

The two sessions were one hour each, we learnt a lot about ourselves as well and the workings of a criminal. Thanks to CSO for giving us their time and sharing with us their expertise.