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Plantation Clean Up - August 2009

The area known as the Plantation in Vredehoek has become increasingly popular with vagrants. Unfortunately, it has degenerated not only into one big drinking spot and dumping ground for rubbish and human excrement but also, most recently, a place of danger especially for women who take short cuts through the plantation from De Waal Drive to Crassula Avenue on their way to the Vredehoek Devil’s Peak area. Because of this, a work party of DPV Watch volunteers, equipped with power saws, hedge cutters, black bags & bins, gloves and lots of energy, had a clean up of the area on a very cold August Saturday morning. While this was in progress, people walking though the plantation on their way to work were asked to be cautious and, if possible, to walk in pairs or in a group. Various ‘hot spots’ in the plantation were cleared of dense bushes and undergrowth or flagged for follow-up and, hopefully, ongoing maintenance by the Cape Town City Council Cleansing and Parks & Forests. Many thanks to the DPV watch team for this community effort.