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Light Vigil

On Tuesday evening, 13 April 2010, community members from across the city bowl gathered on Tafelberg Road in remembrance of victims of crime. The light vigil was one of a number of similar gatherings across the greater city initiated by BKMwatch and organized locally by the city bowl neighbourhood watches. After introductions by Solli Philander and short speeches by our ward councilor Belinda Walker and Mayco member for Safety and Security JP Smith, the crowd was further inspired by the newly released SHOUT song. Community members stood together to physically spell the word SHOUT with torches alight greeting a low-flying helicopter which filmed the vigils across the city. It was a powerful moment and was followed by words from Colonel Joseph from Cape Town Central SAPS, who also lead the crowd in a period of quiet reflection. The event showed that it’s not only important to remember those who have suffered at the hands of crime, but reminded communities how important their collective roles are in the fight against crime. DPVwatch has no doubt that this will become an annual event that will grow in numbers and strength.

Click on this link to view flyer: light_vigil_m….pdf