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Haven Cook Up!

Thank you to the Haven Night Shelter for allowing volunteers from DPVwatch to invade their kitchens to cook and serve some meals for the homeless. DPVwatch arranged for two groups of volunteers to cook a lunch for 40 people and then a dinner for 100 people! Many thanks for the individuals who gave of their time to join in. It was such a rewarding day for all the volunteers and the Haven and people living there were really touched by it. There is a huge amount of value that DPVwatch volunteers can offer to the kitchen at the Haven – not only with their time but in their expertise as well. We hope that this is the start of regular adventures in the Haven kitchen and would encourage everybody to get involved.

The Haven is so important for many reasons but primarily as it is the closest night shelter to our area and as a result has a potentially significant impact on the homeless people in our area. The Haven has been a great support to DPVwatch in allowing their social worker to come to our area and see the issues we face with homelessness and assist us in tackeling the problem areas. If you would like to get involved with the next Haven Cook Up or assist the Haven in any other way then please send us an e-mail to community@dpvwatch.co.za.