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STREETSCAPES Progress December 2016–June 2017

Streetscapes is a ‘strength-based’ model, meaning a mind shift from seeing people as ‘problems’ into assets. What we want to do is to go beyond charity and training. We wish to empower people with financial means, access to information and resources to help themselves.

This basic but revolutionary concept can be broken down to different small indicators and achievements:

  1. Ability to maximize human potential:
    • Sales and donations towards the concept have enabled beneficiaries earn more than R150 000 in six months.
    • Attendance rate remains high – 85% – clearly showing that even most marginalised individuals are highly motivated to work
    • The number of beneficiaries grown from 10 to 31. We’ve been able to increase the number of social enterprises we run and partners who support beneficiaries in the programme.

  2. Beneficiaries’ ability to contribute positively in society:
    • From being seen as a ‘scourge’, all the beneficiaries contribute positively in society by
    o providing high quality nutritious organic vegetables to residents and restaurants without transport pollution.
    o contributing towards a safer and cleaner city (through organic gardens, managing a public toilet open at night and providing street cleaning services)
    • Demand from the gardens currently exceeds supply. A third garden is being opened in 2017 (Stroompie), and a fourth in 2018 (Tennant Street)

  3. Beneficiaries’ ability to solve their own problems:
    • Between January and June 2017 homelessness in the group has dropped from 95% to 43%.
    • Three year average 50% of moving off the street when employed for 6 months in the project

  4. Reducing harm to society:
    • From being repeat offenders, only three arrests took place during first six months.
    • All cases have been minor and have resulted in the offender being let out on bail.

  5. Reduction of harm to beneficiaries:

Over the past year the following areas have improved:
– More awareness of their own development
– Improved attention and interaction
– Communication with other colleagues improved
– The way of communicated to colleague in the team improve.
– Improved self-discipline
– Improved self–confidence and self–esteem.
– Excellent teamwork although some small fights still are evident
– Expression of emotions improved with both female and male clients

For more information and how you can support the project, email Jesse on jess@khulisa.org.za


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