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DPV Patrols – how to join the patrol team

We have received queries from members asking how the patrol system works and how they can contribute, so we’ve explained the process below. Please help make our neighbourhood safer by joining the team!

STEP 1. Join a training evening - We explain what to look out for, how we operate, radio skills and how to interact with SAPS and our Armed Response companies

STEP 2. Join a member on patrol – gain some experience and confidence by patrolling with experienced members so you can see how easy it is

STEP 3. Join the roster – our on-line roster co-ordinates patrol times, you can commit (preferable) or contribute when you are able.

Email us at patrols@dpvwatch.co.za to confirm you’re joining the team

The breakdown

Step 1: Training

We’ll give you background on how we operate, how we support SAPS and what to look out for at a training evening. You can join Ren on a Wednesday evening or Birgit on a Thursday evening at 8.30 at the DPVwatch Office at Good Hope Seminary Junior school and we’ll also answer any questions you have.

It’s easier to take part and be in constant contact by purchasing a radio, if you don’t have a radio (or if its too expensive right now), you can provide you with a loan radio (for a month) and then take out the Patrol radio which we keep at Larmenier security when you go out on patrol. If you want to patrol without a radio its still important to learn the basics and how to stay in touch when you observe anything suspicious around the neighbourhood.

Step 2: Join a member on Patrol

There are some important radio guidelines we need you to learn before we add you to the network so its best to get some practise with an experienced member to build confidence, and we’d like it if you joined a member for a night or two before starting on your own or with a friend.

Step 3: Join the roster

We keep an accessible on-line roster for you to indicate what time slots you can commit to monthly in advance. It is most effective if you are able to commit at least a 2 hour session a month so we can build a co-ordinated roster. If you don’t want to commit to a time slot you can also patrol in your own flexi-time but by committing to a time other members will know you are out and have more of a feeling of ‘safety in numbers’.

Ideally we’ll try and pair you with a partner in another vehicle so you can be more effective, and an exco member will also be on duty to help out where necessary.

Patrols are usually in our cars, but many members take regular walks with radios around the area, around our parks and on the mountain instead. We also identify hotspots from time to time where you can walk with a partner in high-viz vests – every bit helps.

Once you’re on the roster we’ll connect you to a roster patrol group where you can share any observations that may be useful.

Here’s a summary of the three options

Own a radio

  • Join a training evening

  • Patrol with a member

  • Join the roster or be flexi

  • Join the patrol whatsapp group

  • Take part in daily radio checks and reports (7am and 7pm)

Borrow Patrol Radio

  • Join a training evening

  • Patrol with a member

  • Join the roster or be flexi

  • Join the patrol whatsapp group

  • Book the patrol radio to be collected from Larmenier village

Patrol without Radio

  • Join a training evening

  • Patrol with a member

  • Join the roster or be flexi

  • Join the patrol whatsapp group

  • You’ll need contact numbers when you’re observing

Let’s get involved and take back our streets from those who feel they can do as they please! #proud2beDPV


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